Tuition FAQs

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding our tuition:

Q) Do I have to know basic sugar craft skills to do a course?

A) No, each course can be adapted to meet the level of the student. Susan will go at your pace and she really believes in taking the right amount of time needed to teach a skill thoroughly.


Q) Where do the courses take place?

A) They take place in Susan's workshop in Wrose, West Yorkshire, England. You can find a map and the address here.


Q) What means of transport can I use to get there?
You can find out about various private and public route options in our getting here section.

Q) How many people are in the group sessions?

A) Never more than 6 people. We believe in a high quality learning experience and that means less students for Susan to divide her attention amongst. 

Q) Do I need to bring any tools or materials?

A) No, we provide everything you need for the course. However some students like to bring a notebook. 

Q) What clothes should I wear?

A) Just wear something comfortable and Susan will provide an overall. It's recommended to wear fabrics which don't shed lint and fluff when working with food. 


Q) Should I bring a packed lunch?

A) You can bring a packed lunch or you can grab something at the local Co-op which is very close by. Susan will provide refreshments throughout the day.

Q) Is there a car parking space?

A) Limited parking is available directly in front of the shop and there are numerous parking spaces around the neighbourhood. 

Q) Can you recommend a place to stay?
A) Nearby hosts include The Moody Cow in Apperley Bridge, The Ford Farm House in Baildon and The Willow Cottage in Yeadon. Please research these places before you book as we can not be held responsible for any issues you may have. 

If you still can't find your answer, please contact us. Thanks!