Our Story

Susan McEvoy (aka my mother) started making cakes around forty years ago. It's all quite a long story really, and filled with highs and lows (as every great story should be). But to summarise it, there were many late nights and a lot of Toni Braxton, moments of excitement and pride alongside moments of despair and doubt. 

For many years she made cakes for family and friends, which led to making cakes for colleagues and friends-of-friends until eventually she took the giant leap and set up shop. 

The shop went well (-we survived the recession!) and a few years ago, I decided to start an Instagram feed for my mother. I wanted to document her work and create a type of online portfolio but unexpectedly the popularity of the feed rocketed. 

The excitement and love of the fans inspired us to keep creating and without even realising it, we began to build a type of sugarcraft community (the competitive wedding industry was kind of dated anyway!) Soon we realised our Instagram purpose and decided we wanted to help other cake makers out there by sharing tips, techniques, our favourite tools and by simply being open. Susan remembers too well the hours she spent analysing the work of great cake decorators over the years and wondering 'how the heck did they make that twisty thing?!' So the thought of being able to help and share her knowledge with fellow cake makers really appealed to her. Transparency, authenticity and honesty are key characteristics of our brand identity. 

From there, the inbox got kind of overactive and people started asking about tuition and Susan had been doing it locally for quite some time anyway so we thought why not?! We've been super lucky to host cake artists from places we can only dream of visiting someday and we've made some friends-for-life along the way. 

My mother and I live apart, and just like any other mother and daughter, we send long and whiney voice messages, sometimes we flow, sometimes we mess up and we always dream big. Up and coming are online tutorials which we are aiming to have completed as soon as possible. And in the meantime, we've whipped up this website to take away some of the admin from this two-woman-band and to put things a little more in order. We hope you like it and if you have any questions or feedback, just get in touch!

- Lyd (and Susan)